Apparently it is becoming a problem that people are stealing DNA samples from celebrities. I think this is a bit weird, but it does spark my interest.

“Genetic analysis can reveal not only personal information, such as existing health conditions or risk for developing certain diseases, but also core aspects of a person’s identity, such as their ancestry and the potential traits of their future children. In addition, as genetic technologies continue to evolve, fears about using surreptitiously collected genetic material for reproductive purposes via in vitro gametogenesis become more than just paranoia.”

OK, so you might not want this (if you are a celebrity) because:

  1. it might reveal something about your health that you want to be private
  2. Might reveal something about your ancestry that you want to be private.
  3. Reproductive purposes? Maybe someone would clone you or make a baby with your DNA
  4. (added by me) Someone might develop a deadly virusly coded to your DNA that only affects you and your family.

So if you are famous, you should guard your DNA so no one can steal it. The best way is to walk around in a baggy(see below).

Professors Warn That Creeps Might Start Stealing Dna From Celebs For Dark Purposes

Genetic paparazzi are right around the corner, and courts aren’t ready to confront the legal quagmire of DNA theft