Ok, I cannot think of too much that is more disgusting than this.

“The Kenyan government is expected to be able to provide 150 million condoms to citizens, but requirements are forecasted to be at least 262 million for the July 2022 to June 2023 financial year, Samuel Kinyanjui, the country program director of AIDS Healthcare Foundation Kenya (AHF Kenya) said in a statement on November 28.”

Therefore, in order to avoid AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, sex workers they are simply washing them out and using them again.

Fortunately, I have no plans to engage with any sex workers in Kenya in the near future.

I actually heard about a similar situation, from somewhere else, where military servicemen would use condoms in their cars and then throw them in the river (or bay or lake). Enterprising young boys were retrieving them, washing them out, rolling them up and reselling them to other servicemen.

A Condom Shortage Is Forcing Sex Workers to Reuse Contraception