Hold onto your moon boots! After a lunar dry spell since Apollo 17, NASA’s hitching a ride to the Moon, courtesy of a commercial space joyride. The Peregrine, Astrobotic’s lunar lander, is on its way, carrying everything from scientific gear to Mount Everest pieces, a physical bitcoin, and even Gene Roddenberry’s earthly remnants, in what’s shaping up to be the first cosmic delivery service.

But wait, there’s drama in the cosmic cab! The Navajo Nation’s not thrilled about the lunar cargo including human remains, crying lunar desecration. Meanwhile, NASA’s caught in a space-time pickle, distancing itself from the eccentric baggage while SpaceX’s Elon Musk adds a sprinkle of controversy with some colorful antics.

Join the space soap opera as NASA and the private space posse tango in this cosmic dance of science, drama, and the occasional odd payload. Click here to witness this lunar saga’s unfolding chapters!