jason Momoa has been slimed.

A full page ad in USAToday:

“The ad headline reads “DOES MOMOA CARE ABOUT THE PLANET OR PROFITS?” along with the text: “Jason Momoa’s new movie Slumberland must have him dreaming if he believes canned water will help the planet. He might make money off cans, but the planet will suffer.” The ad directs readers to the website MoronicMomoa.com.”

And there is a video!

This is pretty common in the advertising world to build an audience. An obscure organization slams a popular celebrity, people react to the celebrity dirt.

We would never do that…

Is there a point? Are cans better than plastic bottles? Probably. Easier to recycle.

But it does seem to be rather self serving for Jason.

But as I always say about celebrities “live by the sword, die by the sword,” your popularity can turn against you in an instant.

Jason Momoa slammed in full-page USA Today ad for climate hypocrisy: ‘More science-fiction than real’