Wow! This woman was all in. She informed her boss that she was pregnant, faked her “baby bump” and got the 7 weeks off for having her baby.

She sent an email from a man she said was her husband saying the doctor had mandated 7 full weeks, so she was paid for the full time.

Unfortunately, she was not consistent in the photos of her children and someone notice when her “baby bump” was off center.

She did this at least twice.

She was arrested and charged with fraud and identity theft (because her husband didn’t exist).

You have admire her guts and brazenness, but she was a bit sloppy in her execution.

This Georgia Woman Was Just Charged With Faking A Pregnancy To Get Paid Time Off – Robin Folsom’s colleagues became suspicious when they noticed her “bump” was askew and she sent them inconsistent photos of her fake children