In case you have been living a bubble, Prince Andrew, who is ninth in line for the British throne, was accused of having sex with an under-aged girl in association with the notorious Jeffery Epstein, who has since committed “suicide” (the quotes mean that we don’t ACTUALLY believe he committed suicide – talkin’ bout you Hillary…).

One of the under-aged girls even took a picture with him (see below).

Now one of them (a different one, I think) is suing him. And a judge just declared that the lawsuit will proceed.

I have no idea if he is guilty or not. He claims that he never had sex with the girl, and there are (obviously) no pictures or other proof in that regard. No criminal charges were filed. In a normal world, he would skate.

But Prince Andrew is destroyed. The accusation is the conviction. He has been stripped of all of his hereditary military titles. He has been relieved of all royal duties. He is ostracized from polite society in Britain.

It occurs to me that this is a case of “live by the sword, die by the sword.” The Royal Family really hasn’t ruled anything for a long time. They are popular because the media is in love with them. Now the media is destroying one of them.

Prince Andrew Is Stripped of Military Titles as Sexual Abuse Case Proceeds

US judge unseals files in case of girl, 17, 'forced to have sex with Prince  Andrew' | News | The Sunday Times