Phony socialite and convicted swindler Anna Sorokin pretended to be rich and penetrated the highest social circles in New York.

Using the name Anna Delvey, she passed herself off as the daughter of a German diplomat, or an oil baron, and lied about having a $67 million (68 million euro) bankroll. She was seen with celebrities and befriended a few. She borrowed money from some, defrauded banks and ran up huge debts in hotels for a total of $275,000.

She was finally arrested in a “sting” and spent 3 years in jail. Now she is being held for possible deportation back to Germany. Not sure why they needed a “sting” since she had already conned a lot of people.

The heck of it is that if she is allowed to stay in New York, she will probably be an instant celebrity.

‘Fake heiress’ released to house arrest, fights deportation

Anna Sorokin