Imagine that! A comedian who is disrespectful? That NEVER happens.

Tim Allen is accused of of being disrespectful for slamming Joe Biden. It was actually a clever joke, pretty much a standard one (in improv, this is called your “back pocket,” i.e. jokes that are funny that you can pull out anywhere).

Tim Allen, an outspoken conservative, is no stranger to controversy, his hit show “Last Man Standing” was “canceled” by woke network execs, until he moved it to a new network. He was also “canceled” from the “Buzz Lightyear” role in the second movie – also by wokesters, replaced by more politically correct Chris Evans.

His critics this time blistered him on Twitter, causing it of course to go viral.

Tim Allen goes viral for Biden joke – Comedian began trending on Twitter after online critics slammed him over wisecrack about President Biden’s ’60 Minutes’ interview