On one hand it is heartening that California wants to protect children.

On the other hand, California pushes the woke agenda including gay sex education for children. I don’t trust them

On the third hand, If this is done improperly then it may only serve to make lists of children, or gather the ages of adults. This will have the opposite of the intended effect and remove privacy on the internet. The worst possible outcome.

The correct way would be to require that individual pages have a code that tells the browser it is over 18 type material. Then parents could perhaps find foolproof browsers.

Yes, I know, children are smarter than parents in this respect. But that is where the work needs to go. What doesn’t need to happen is a massive data collection effort by the government of California.

But California doesn’t understand any of this.


California’s Proposed Law Could Change the Internet – AB 2273 could be a sea change for online privacy