Paul Pelosi is the husband of Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. He was got driving drunk and tried to get special treatment by showing the membership card of the California Highway Patrol 11-99 (CHP 11-99) Foundation, of which was a lifetime member.

Naughty naughty they said and booted his as right out.

“After evaluating the events that [led] to Mr. Pelosi’s arrest and conviction, we are revoking Mr. Pelosi’s lifetime membership with the CHP 11-99 Foundation effective immediately,” said the foundation’s board.

Well, he is old and stupid and shouldn’t be driving anymore anyway. How do I know he’s stupid? He is still married to Nancy Pelosi.

Paul Pelosi booted from police group whose card he flashed during DUI arrest – Pelosi’s conduct during his DUI arrest ‘undermined our important mission,’ the group said Thursday

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