So many employers in the U.S. are complaining because they cannot find workers. Services are suffering, restaurants are restricting hours, company expansions are halted because they can’t find people to expand.

But that may change. The economy is in the dumps, inflation is a huge problem and the future of high tech is uncertain.

Twitter will be laying off employees as Elon Musk takes control. Alarmists and conspiracy theorists are saying as much as 75%. Amazon and Lyft have just announced layoffs. Some others will be following suit.

Yes, elections matter. Joe Biden has brought us a lousy economy. Next Tuesday will be interesting.

Amazon, Twitter, and Lyft announce layoffs or hiring freezes amid tech slowdown

Layoffs Hit Tech Sector With Force as Amazon, Lyft Warn of Economic Downturn – Twitter is planning thousands of job cuts, and other companies are paring back after unprecedented growth during the pandemic