Yes, it really happened. Chuck Norris really did get smushed by Rickson Gracie. This video shows it.

But take it with a grain of salt. Chuck invited the Gracies to do a seminar and it looks like nine of them showed up.

Chuck did actually square off against Rickson, but it didn’t look like he was going for the kill. Rickson grabs his leg, pulled him down and proceeded to Jiu jitsu all over Chuck.

Chuck is a good sport. And we still don’t know what would happen if they were really serious. Chuck was a world champ, and Rickson Gracie was Brazilian champ and widely considered the best in the world in his craft.

Actually we do know what would happen, since the Gracies had nine brothers there, even Chuck could not take them all on. If your brother were fighting Chuck Norris wouldn’t you jump in???