You may remember the Concorde which flew from 1976 to 2003. It flew about 1200 mph, and could fly at 60,000 feet, both figures about double what standard jetliner does. New York to London in less than 3 hours, as opposed to just over 7 hours today. There were only 14 of them.

But the damned thing was too expensive, so they phased it out.

But American Airlines and United Airlines are re-entering the supersonic market. American Airlines just agreed to buy 20 jets from Boom Supersonic, with an option to buy 40 more. United Airlines bought 15 of them.

Total orders of the Boom Overture are about 130.

Will it succeed? Will it be worth a multiple of the price just to sit for 4 hour less. Or 8 hours less. To some it might be worth it.

American Airlines Agrees to Buy 20 Boom Supersonic Jets