If it works, this will be a major building block to the next generation of energy. Take water and carbon dioxide, add energy and make jet fuel.

This would be absolutely carbon neutral (depending on where you get the CO2…).

Unfortunately, this is a huge monstrosity.

And they are already making excuses for it.

From the article: “To bring solar kerosene into the market, Steinfeld envisages a quota-based system. “Airlines and airports would be required to have a minimum share of sustainable aviation fuels in the total volume of jet fuel that they put in their aircraft,” he says. This is possible as solar kerosene can be mixed with fossil-based kerosene. This would start out small, as little as 1 or 2 percent, which would raise the total fuel costs at first, though minimally—adding “only a few euros to the cost of a typical flight,” as Steinfeld puts it.”

So this is nowhere close to being a practical system at this point. But the crazies want to deploy it anyway and require people to use it.

Solar-to-Jet-Fuel System Readies for Takeoff – Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and concentrated sunlight can now yield kerosene

A solar tower fuel plant for the thermochemical production of kerosene from H2O and CO2