It seems the preponderance of evidence at the moment says that the outbreak of Monkey Pox is confined to gay men.

This is not to say that Monkeypox will stay there, the health community doesn’t say a lot about how this is spread.

But here is a quote from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), an official government institution (link below):

“One hundred and fifty-two cases participated in more detailed questionnaires, implemented from 26 May 2022, and used retrospectively. In this data, 151 of the 152 men interviewed identified as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM), or reported same sex contact, and the remaining individual declined to disclose this information.”

So that is just under half of the 336 patients with Monkeypox, and it seems a vast majority, and 100% of the patients who answered the question were gay males.

But rather than disseminate this important information, the mainstream media has decided not to talk about it, for fear of generating “hate.”

Wonder how many people will be hurt by this from a) people getting unnecessary vaccines that could have harmful effects, b) people wearing masks or confining themselves and their families unnecessarily, and c) gay males who don’t realize they are under particular threat and who don’t seek out medical advice.

Monkeypox is said to kill one out of 20 people who are infected. This would likely be lower in first world countries, since statistics are from the third world where medical attention is not as good.

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