At the Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo, you will be well supported.

It seats 10, and costs around $2 an hour, or $4.50 an hour for a premium seat facing a brick wall.

The cafe prompts you to set a goal for writing for the day. If you fail to meet the goal, they fine you $22.

According to the cafe’s co-owner, Takuya Kawai, it is an honor system, but it seems to work.

I’m sure this seems strange, but this is much the culture of modern day Japan. Having deadlines and incentives is not only the way for writers, but also students who need to study for exams. In fact, some writers and other artists go to hotels who specialize in personal service and in creating the perfect conditions of isolation.

I have to admit, I work better with someone prodding me…

The Cafe That Helps Beat Writer’s Block—by Fining You $22

Mr. Kawai, left, stops to check in on the progress of Joe Sasanuma, right, who is working on a legal book.