I’m actually chuckling at this. I know. I’m an ass.

So they example they are using is a six year old named Kaia who was throwing a tantrum, kick and punching the adults, basically out of control. So the police took her away. Oh, and even though the school called the police, the police officer was eventually fired.

And Oh My God!! She is in therapy now for PTSD and “separation anxiety”!! What a load of crap. Kaia’s problem is her parents. One incident like this is not going to put her over the edge and when a child throws a “tantrum” it is the parents’ fault. Funny, neither I nor my siblings ever “threw a tantrum” (well, my sister does it now, but she is much older…).

So back to common sense. Children sometimes fight. That is a child being a child. No need to arrest them.

If they are totally out of control and the police have to be called, then it should be seriously considered whether the parents are suitable parents.

In some states, your 6-year-old child can be arrested. Advocates want that changed