Pro robot:

“Just as we have inequalities and access to healthcare and everything else, we have a lot of inequalities when it comes to accessing intimacy and sex,” MacArthur says.

In opposition:

“Human beings will replace significant human relationships in their lives with machines,” warns Kathleen Richardson, head of an organization called Campaign Against Sex Robots.

My commentary:

Hmmm. Doesn’t the word “intimacy” kind of imply human to human? People talk about being “intimate” with your sex toys, but that’s kind of a joke. Who are you visualizing to complete your “task”? That is where you really want the intimacy.

I tend to agree with Richardson, that machines in this case will do harm to society. But they are coming (no pun intended) and there is no way to stop this. Passing laws will probably make it worse.

I’m not doing robots anytime soon.

Sex Robots Could Make Society Better, Actually

There are already houses of prostitution featuring realistic dolls.

Sex doll brothels are now a thing. What will happen to real-life sex workers?

And we will have more episodes of this

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