While still not admitting guilt, Prince Andrew has managed to avoid a trial by buying off his (alleged) victim. They are not saying how much he paid, but it is estimated at $10-15 million.

Virginia Giuffre, the girl who was pimped out by Jeffrey Epstein, has accused a great many people.

So now I rant. I’m about 90% sure that Prince Andrew was acting as scumbag and had sex with this girl when she was under-aged. He has lost pretty much everything and probably deserves it. Live by the paparazzi, die by the paparazzi.

But what if he didn’t?

The statute of limitations is long gone, so this is a civil trial. In other words, its a shakedown. Her lawyers don’t have to prove anything, they were willing to force Prince Andrew to spend millions of the Crown’s money, and make public all kinds of sordid details which they can make up literally from nothing. No one can prove or disprove what happened (which is why criminal cases have statutes of limitation). So rather than giving the paparazzi a field day, the Crown will pay what is likely to be millions of dollars.

Prince Andrew reaches settlement with sexual abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre

Photo from 2001 that was included in court files showing Prince Andrew with his arm around the waist of 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. Ghislaine Maxwell is in the background. (Florida Southern District Court)