In an unexpected aquatic escapade, humpback whales off the coast of Maui have been caught on camera engaging in a rare display of same-sex intimacy. Marine biologists Stephanie Stack, along with photographers Lyle Krannichfeld and Brandi Romano, stumbled upon the spectacle as the whales approached their boat with a surprising amorous agenda.

Describing the encounter as “opportunistic,” the photographers captured the moment a healthy male whale pursued a less fortunate companion in a mesmerizing underwater ballet. After circling the vessel, the duo culminated their aquatic tango with a half-hour display, as the healthy whale used its pectoral fins to hold the other in place.

Returning to shore, the trio realized they had documented a groundbreaking event in the world of humpback whales. The revelation not only adds a splash of intrigue to the creatures’ mysterious mating habits but also highlights the need for further exploration of these colossal marine mammals’ behaviors.

In the oceanic theater of life, humpback whales have just taken center stage, proving that beneath the waves, love knows no boundaries.


Humpback whales photographed having sex for first time – and both were male