Meet Guillaume Dumas, the 28-year-old maverick who turned the higher education system on its head. Fueled by a disdain for pricey degrees, he embarked on a four-year stint as a wandering scholar, attending classes at top universities across North America without the registration fees. Despite not earning a degree, this unconventional journey led him to start a successful online dating business in Montreal, proving that sometimes the best lessons come from crashing lectures instead of crashing student loans.

Curious about how far he could take the ruse, Dumas played a real-life game of ‘Catch Me if You Can’ on campuses like Yale, Brown, Berkeley, and Stanford. But beyond the thrill, his educational escapade was a form of protest against a system that excludes those who can’t afford a seat in the lecture hall. Now, he challenges the notion that success hinges on a framed piece of paper, arguing that intelligence and network trump degrees, especially in fields like entrepreneurship, freelancing, and tech.

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Free Higher Education – Guy Crashes Elite College Courses for Four Years, Never Gets Caught