Remember that cringe-worthy moment in Apocalypto when Jaguar Paw’s wife used ants’ pincers as makeshift sutures? Turns out, it’s not just Hollywood imagination – this bizarre technique has a real-life counterpart in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America!

Survival expert Cody Lundin spilled the ant-filled beans, revealing that army ants, with their jaw-dropping mandibles, were historically used as sutures. According to Lundin, it’s as simple as clamping those ant jaws on both sides of your wound and letting them do their pinch-and-hold magic. But before you consider ants as your next emergency room, click to discover the quirky history of ant stitches and why entomologists are buzzing with skepticism. Because when life hands you ants, why not turn them into accidental medics?


In Some Parts of the World Ant Heads Were Once Used as Stitches