In a bid to secure his celestial ticket, Dr. Jan Mohammad from Quetta is on a mission – a mission of prolific proportions! With 35 kids under his belt and a heavenly goal of reaching a century, he’s not just building a family; he’s constructing a stairway to paradise.

With three wives and counting, Mohammad’s ‘family fielding’ is stronger than a cricket team, often gathering his brood for matches that might as well be a family reunion! From a 12-room mansion to chartering buses for vacations, this doctor has turned pro at parenting…though he admits to occasionally forgetting a name or two.

Join the epic tale of this heaven-bound patriarch and his quest for 100 offspring! Click here for a front-row seat to the cosmic cricket matches and chaotic family vacays!


Father of 35 Wants to Reach 100 Children to Secure Place in Heaven