abs To Go in Virginia Beach tried to bring some humor to their billboards, but let’s just say the punchlines didn’t land as intended. Their attempt at wit turned heads, but not for the right reasons.

One eye-catching billboard featured a soldier and a postman with the bold words “Who’s the Daddy,” raising eyebrows and concerns in the community. Another, depicting a woman with a Pinocchio-like nose asking, “Is the Mother a Liar?” didn’t escape criticism either.

While the lab insisted it was all in jest, locals felt differently. Erin McMenamin, a Norfolk resident and military wife, voiced her concern, saying, “It sends the wrong message, making men question their wives.”

Despite claiming it was meant for laughs, the lab president, Cheree Owens, revealed she chose a soldier deliberately due to the high number of military paternity tests they handle. Is it a joke, reality, or a bit of both?

Despite the backlash, phone calls to Labs To Go mostly revolved around inquiries about paternity tests. Owens remains firm: the billboards stay put, stirring controversy and all. Click to uncover more about this humorous billboard debacle!


Paternity Testing Lab Causes Stir with Controversial Billboards