Enter Robert Bobroczky, a 7-foot-7 Romanian phenomenon aiming for NBA stardom. Dubbed “unrealistically tall,” this 16-year-old is set to redefine basketball history, if he can bulk up! But beyond his towering height lies a determined talent on a mission to leave a towering legacy on the court.

With a viral video propelling his basketball journey, Robert’s now honing his skills at SPIRE Institute, attracting attention for his exceptional stature and potential. But his road to the NBA isn’t without challenges—gaining weight to match his extraordinary height is priority number one.

Despite his impressive stature, Robert’s weight at 190 pounds poses a hurdle. However, his dedication, family legacy in basketball, and mentors guiding his path could lead this towering teen to a promising basketball career.

From court adjustments to specialized training, Robert’s team at SPIRE is working tirelessly to sculpt him into a towering force. At just 16, Robert’s poised to become a game-changer in basketball history. Click to uncover the incredible journey of Robert Bobroczky!


At 7-Foot-7, This 16-Year-Old Is the Second Tallest Basketball Player in the World and Taller Than Anyone in the NBA