China’s urban landscape is now home to some truly out-of-the-box innovation – high-tech urinals that aim to do more than just let you tinkle. These futuristic fixtures come with a digital twist, offering quick urine tests right on the spot. Imagine a restroom where you not only relieve yourself but also receive a mini health checkup – all for the small price of $2.80.

However, while these urinals claim to analyze various health markers, experts are raising an eyebrow, questioning both hygiene and accuracy. The convenience of a rapid “pee and pay” system raises doubts about medical validity, leaving users with a digital dilemma.

Intriguingly, these urinals even sport a cheeky disclaimer that essentially says, “We’re not doctors, but we’re here to give your health a nudge.” So, if you find yourself in need of relief while shopping or sightseeing, be prepared for an experience that’s part sci-fi, part urinary revelation. It might just be the oddest health test you’ll ever take – with results that raise more eyebrows than bladder concerns.

Shopping Mall High-Tech Urinals Provide Urine Tests for a Fee