Prepare for a toilet tale that’ll leave you in disbelief. A viral video resurfaced, showcasing rats’ unexpected talent: toilet climbing. In the clip, a rat performs an Olympic-worthy ascent through pipes, defies gravity with a pause, and plunges into the bowl. If you thought your bathroom was safe, think again!

Commenters shared strategies, from flushing before sitting to speedy pooping. Others recounted horrifying rat encounters mid-business. But the surprises don’t stop there – meet the summer centipede, adding a creepy twist to bathroom worries.

So, as you contemplate your next restroom rendezvous, remember, you might have some unexpected spectators. Your toilet has become a stage, and rats and centipedes are the uninvited guests. Time to brace yourself for the unexpected – happy flushing!

People are shocked after watching video showing how easy it is for a rat to climb through your toilet