In a parliamentary scene that could rival a sitcom’s plot twist, Unnur Bra Konradsdottir, an Icelandic lawmaker, found herself juggling legislative duties and new motherhood in a uniquely public way. While breastfeeding her 6-week-old daughter, Konradsdottir was unexpectedly called to respond to a bill. Undaunted, she walked up to the lectern, baby in tow, and delivered her remarks flawlessly, all while her little co-speaker nursed away.

Konradsdottir’s nonchalant approach and her baby’s serene involvement left fellow lawmakers seemingly unruffled. This incident highlighted Iceland’s progressive attitude towards breastfeeding, where even tweeting a breastfeeding photo for a #FreeTheNipple campaign is considered a statement of empowerment.

As global debates about breastfeeding in public continue, Konradsdottir’s impromptu parliamentary performance serves as a lighthearted reminder that motherhood doesn’t pause for politics. In the realm of multitasking, Iceland just redefined the term, baby and all.

An Icelandic lawmaker breast-fed her baby while giving a parliamentary speech — and no one cared