Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma was the founder of Alibaba, the Amazon of China, and Chairman of ANT Financial, the largest payment service in the world serving over a billion people

But Jack Ma made the mistake of criticizing the Chinese Communist Party, thinking he was untouchable even in totalitarian China. Jack suddenly disappeared for several months. It was highly unusual for him, he had always maintained a public persona. He reappeared but was rarely in public after that. He has not said where he was or what he was doing during that period of time. He was recently seen in Japan.

Now he has finally turned up in Thailand and has given up control of all of his businesses.

I’m not sure whether he has made a deal to be free of China or if he actually thinks he is unreachable in Thailand by the Chinese government.

If the latter, he is foolish.

This is what you get with a totalitarian Communist government like China’s. They can reach you whenever they want.

Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Alibaba, just resurfaced in Thailand hours before giving up his company. Here’s a timeline of his fall from grace.