I know you have seen this in movies. James Bond actually had a car that could turn invisible.

BMW is experimenting with the exterior to where it can change colors, but it seems to be more than that.

“Before I met BMW’s iVision Dee at a press preview event in Germany— prior to a public reveal at CES in Las Vegas last week—I’d never seen a car blush, let alone had one make me blush. But then the electric BMW began changing colors and facial expressions, talking at me in intimate detail, splashing a digital avatar of my face on its side window, and filling its windshield with HUD projections worthy of Minority Report.

As for Bond’s invisible car, I can see where this car could easily become chameleon-like and blend into the background. We already know people are working on the “cloak of invisibility” – see below.

How hard can it be?

BMW’s iVision Dee Brings Sci-Fi to the Driveway – This concept car’s e-paper skin turns paintjob into exterior screen