Enceladus is Saturns sixth largest moon, only about 300 miles across and has almost no atmosphere. Gravity is about 1/100th of Earth’s gravity (don’t try to jump, you will probably keep going).

But it appears to have all of the ingredients for evolving life. The last, phosphorous was just noted from NASA’s Cassini.

“Phosphorus is a vital building block of life, used to construct DNA and RNA. Now, an analysis of data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft reveals that Enceladus’ underground ocean contains the crucial nutrient. Not only that, its concentrations there may be thousands of times greater than in Earth’s ocean, planetary scientist Yasuhito Sekine reported December 14 at the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting.”

This doesn’t mean that life exists there, and we will not know for sure about that for a long time. But it does mean that life is possible in a lot more places than we thought.

The last vital ingredient for life has been discovered on Enceladus