I’m not going to say again that this was cause by ignorance and arrogance.

Brittney Griner’s appeal in Russian court was rejected, and her 9 year sentence was re-affirmed.

She broke Russian law and was caught. Her legal team and support team decided that they would go public, cause an outrage, have President Biden fight for her and so on, and so on. That might have worked in a free democratic country like America. The Russians don’t give a rat’s ass about such.

In fact, she is now a political football, and Putin is laughing at us. She will be held as long as she is useful. She will be released when she ceases to be useful. As long as her support team keep up the pressure on the Biden Administration, she will stay in jail. In fact, if she is useful beyond her 9 year sentence, she will still be held until she is no longer useful.

Welcome to the un-free world.

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