Are homeless people criminals and nuisances? Or are they people to take care of and feel sorry for and that you want to be your neighbors?

My own opinion? The figure below describes methods of keeping the homeless people from hanging out on public benches, or doorways. I’m no particular fan of homeless people but this just screams hate and discrimination to me. Whoever does this is an asshole in my book.

The lower article basically says that you can’t be arrested for being homeless. Makes sense. We are a country where people migrate between the classes and sometimes people hit bottom. The hopefully they bounce back up.

The California article is the opposite, says basically we want all of your losers so that we can say we support the homeless, regardless of the fact that we have mismanaged so much that our state is in the dirt. I think they are assholes as well.

California Invites Homeless People from Other States

Supreme Court: Homelessness is not a Crime