Actually I don’t really know who he was talking about, but this is what is seems to me. He is definitely talking about Democrats.

If you are a TUM fan and a Democrat, then I meant “Republicans.”

I’m kind of a whore that way.


Interesting story. John von Neumann basically invented game theory, or at least made it a useful science. In his basic analysis his understanding to science said that hostilities were certain to escalate with the Soviet Union would inevitably attack the U.S. in a nuclear strike. He advised the President at the time to attack first, as this would maximize the chances for the U.S. to survive.

In later years, however, a more advanced game theory analysis (infinite series rather than fixed time limit) showed that the “tit for tat” and trust strategy had the best outcome and that not attacking was better. This was the strategy adopted by the U.S. throughout out history with the Soviet Union, and it worked.

It just goes to show that even John von Neumann, one of the smartest men who ever lived, could be wrong sometimes – fatally so, since if we had followed his advice it would have been nuclear war.

Von Neuman with a space alien.