This is the stupidest idea ever. The play is to use jets to spry sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere over the North and South Poles to refreeze them.

Climate scientists have models that they use to predict climate change and movement of the Earth’s atmosphere over long periods of time. The problem is that the models don’t predict shit. There are a great many of them (at least 20 major ones), and they are missing major influences on the Earth’s climate (like the Earth’s molten core, which rotates and moves), such that disagree with each other and none are even remotely accurate. Plus they fail to look for black swans (see Nassim Taleb’s work…),

It is one thing to attempt to restore the balance of man and environment. But the arrogance of these people to think they can control unintended consequences of such an action is unfathomable.

They should all be hung up by their…

Scientists propose controversial plan to refreeze North and South Poles by spraying sulphur dioxide into atmosphere