Apparently they consider themselves to have failed. This is a story about how Facebook attempted to fight against “climate change disinformation.”

I think I read this much differently than the author does. He believes that Facebook’s efforts were justified.

He also cites a the report that claims a 99% consensus on climate change, a fake argument based on data from a particular report, easily shown to be false.

Let me say that again, the claim that there is a consensus among the scientific community on climate change is a lie, it has always been a lie.


a) Employees of Facebook believe they know the “truth” and that the rest of of are dumb shits.

b) They have no understanding of free speech and how it is perceived in America.

c) They are perfectly willing to interfere with the communications of their users to enforce their own opinion.

The fact is that the Earth’s climate is exceedingly complex. It cannot be modeled beyond to the great degrees that are claimed with current data and technology. There is conflicting real science and fake science on both sides of the issue.

The people at Facebook are science deniers and their efforts to insert themselves in issues they don’t understand and to squelch legitimate discussion are beneath contempt.

The Facebook Papers: How Meta Failed to Fight Against American Climate Denial