Researchers from Skoltech and MIPT are investigating putting satellites in the sky in a formation to reflect light.

They want to put commercials in the sky. They think a constellation of satellites will cost about $65 million.

“We’ve been studying some of the more technical aspects of space advertising for a while now,” said the study’s first author Shamil Biktimirov, a research intern at Skoltech’s Engineering Center. “This time we looked at the economic side of things and, as unrealistic as it may seem, we show that space advertising based on 50 or more small satellites flying in formation could be economically viable. The key concerns are maximizing overall mission duration and a satellite’s footprint area — the scope of where it can reach to project a ‘pixel’ that would be part of the image in the sky.”

I’m thinking this is the worst possible violation of the “commons” and anyone who does it should be hoisted by his own petard.

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