Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation that criminalizes sex as assault if the victim is too intoxicated to consent, even if the other party does not provide them with the intoxicating substance.

Criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield called the bill “a nightmare,” saying “Intoxication, rather than incapacitation, would make sex a crime for lack of consent, even if both are drunk. Whoever goes to the police first wins.”

“Two consenting adults who share a drink before sex could cause the male to fall prey to the proposed law if the female experiences morning regret,” writer Scott Davis said in an op-ed for Law Enforcement Today.

Isn’t that the whole purpose of alcohol? Too loosen you up and change your perception of someone you might never have sex with?

Leave it to sanctimonious, hypocritical politicians to create a law that creates victims where there are none.


New Illinois law makes drunken sex illegal