Remember when Nancy Pelosi said “you can’t know what is in the bill until you pass the bill”? Well this is a much bigger bill. It could be as much as $3.5 Trillion, or perhaps will be only $1.75 Trillion, or maybe it won’t pass at all.

In any event, they have just release the text of the “infrastructure” bill also known as the “Build Back Better Act.” It is almost 2500 pages.

I want each of you to take 10 pages, read it and summarize it in the comments below. Then you each take 10 comments and summarize them, and so forth until it is distilled into just what I can understand *which is not that much…).

Ready, Set, Go!

OK, here is the link.

If you look through the web site you will also see some of the testimony around it. If you have a couple of weeks to read some of it is interesting.

And by the way, there is no way your average Congressman can absorb it. This was written entirely by lobbyists.