Justin Timberlake has just cashed out on his entire music catalog. He sold all of the rights to a group called Hipgnosis Song Management. They can do whatever they want with it. He is out.

And he is not the only one to do this. Many others including Shakira, Bob Dylan and Neil Young have done the same.

I’m suspicious.

For those of you who are Ayn Rand fans, this reminds me of Atlas Shrugged where all of the successful talented people, who are being besieged with government and societal leeches decide to sabotage everything and leave society.

Are these people getting ready to leave society??? I don’t care about Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but Shakira is a babe, and Justin Timberlake is occasionally a cool dude.

Just sayin’.

Justin Timberlake Sells Entire Music Catalog In A Deal Worth Millions