Unless you live under a rock (no pun intended), you know that Will Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars.

I used to love the guy, now I hate him.

It seems that Will Smith has traveled to India to seek spiritual guidance, according to some sources. The National Enquirer says that he was attempting to show contrition.

But apparently he did NOT meet with Indian yogi Sadhguru, someone he has hosted before in the U.S. who was traveling. Sadhguru, in fact, was a bit harsh.

“From what I know of Will, he is a wonderful human being, absolutely wonderful human being. At the same time, does he have the right to go on stage and hit somebody? Absolutely no! Absolutely no in public places, people going and expressing themselves in violent ways must be absolute no, not just for him, but for anybody for that matter….”

Another speculation is that he was in Bollywood because he doesn’t have a career in America any more. I’m kind of doubting that one…

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Fact check: Will Smith did not meet Sadhguru in Mumbai on his recent trip to India