Bill Cosby was perhaps the most prominent victim of the #metoo movement, along with Harvey Weinstein. In his career, Cosby broke down more racial barriers than any other actor, including first black lead in a television series and the first to use black stuntmen rather than white stuntmen in black face. He brought dozens of black actors to prominence, and starred in some of the most popular comedy series in history, despite “racism” that should have prevented it.

But his legacy will be his three convictions on “aggravated indecent assault.” This, even though the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his convictions.

Now, Hollywood in an abundance of self-righteousness and good taste is doing a Docu-series call “We Need to Talk about Cosby.” I wonder if this will be a hit piece on Cosby???

I don’t know what happened in the courtroom, he was apparently originally convicted by a jury of his peers. But what if he was not so guilty, but as the first woman was making her claims of abuse, many other angelic sweethearts decided that since Cosby spurned them in one way or another, and since Bill had lots of money, they could jump on the bandwagon and end up with a pile of cash at the end?

Nah, couldn’t be THAT way… And in case you haven’t guessed, I am not a huge fan of the Hollywood morality.

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