Ukraine appealed for an army of hackers to help battle against Putin. 300,000 answered the call. This is all technically illegal.

According to the article “The sprawling hacker army has been successful in disrupting Russian web services, according to NetBlocks, a company that monitors global internet connectivity. It says the availability of the websites of the Kremlin and the Duma – Russia’s lower house of parliament – has been “intermittent” since the invasion started. The sites for state-owned media services, several banks and the energy giant Gazprom have also been targeted.”

Are they making a difference? No. Not in the actual battle, but it may have an effect in the aftermath.

Bottom line, Zelenskyy more or less surrendered last Monday, Putin will get everything he wants.

And certain hackers will now have to keep a watchful eye for those Spetsnaz types who will want a word or two with them

This is a really good article about some brave folks who want to make a difference in defending Ukraine.

I hope it helps.

‘It’s the right thing to do’: the 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight Russia