Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos was just convicted of fraud. But was it fraud? Or was it just someone who dreamed a little too big and got in over her head.

If she had been right, it would have literally changed the world. Maybe we can invent a conspiracy that the medical field DID THIS TO HER because it would have cost them a lot of money.

I’m a bit cynical about this, because I’ve been around people in the finance world.

a) most venture startups fail and they all are absolutely sure they will succeed to the bitter end.

b) investors are not stupid, and they have access to all kinds of talent to do “due diligence.” And they didn’t.

And I’m thinking the media coverage was hypocritical because they all know this is normal not new. They covered this because it had a pretty girl, lots of money and a scandal (which is why I’m covering it…)