This an article (sorry, not a video… you pervert), about surveillance that really gets into your knickers. Some examples:

China has started actually putting surveillance cameras into people’s homes. This was ostensibly to monitor COVID and workers who were supposed to be on two weeks quarantine.

This is pretty much the 24-hour two-way “telescreen” (video surveillance camera) installed inside every home in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

In the U.S., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media are all available to the FBI, creating a profile of you more extensive that most of your friends would even suspect. How long before the government (or Facebook, Apple and Google looking for “marketing information”) can turn on your camera phone and peak around your house? They can already listen through Siri and other apps. Maybe a Google advertisers wants to know if she likes it on top or on bottom, or perhaps whether you need the large size vibrator or a small one.

Anybody else think Big Tech should be broken up?

Sexual surveillance in the Covid-19 era