We told you yesterday of the birth of Joe Biden’s “ministry of truth,” a group that purportedly will discover “disinformation” but more likely will take over the liberal media’s censorship of information that is inconvenient for the Biden Administration.

Now meet the fruitcake who will be leading it. Holy mackerel is she insane!

This is Nina Jankowicz, she is a self proclaimed expert in “disinformation” but this whack job clearly is not an expert in anything. Otherwise she would have kept a lid on her obsession to act out liberal propaganda in cringe worthy theater style.

But you can bet your ass that she will carry out orders to to tee, without understanding the consequences to American Freedoms.

Not sure if you know what I mean, but it really does take someone this insane and fanatical to do a task this utterly un-American.

Watch – Biden Truth Minister Sings: ‘Who Do I F*ck’ to Be ‘Rich, Famous, and Powerful’