In a world filled with political tension, Kobi Tzafrir has thrown the perfect dish into the mix for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – hummus! At his Tel Aviv restaurant, ‘Hummus Bar,’ he’s offering a 50% discount for Arabs and Jews who choose to bond over the universally beloved chickpea delight.

Forget politics, fear not being afraid, and join the chick-‘peace’ movement! Kobi’s on a mission to prove that hummus has the power to bring people together. As his poster boldly declares, “Afraid of Arabs? Afraid of Jews? We don’t have Arabs here, we don’t have any Jews either… BUT we have humans here! And we have excellent real Arabic hummus! And fine Jewish falafel!”

According to Kobi, the patrons are more supportive of the peace-promoting gesture than the discount itself. His goal is to show the world that not all Arabs and Jews endorse violence, and what better way to convey that message than over a plate of hummus?

While he acknowledges that more substantial efforts are needed for lasting peace, Kobi believes that sharing food is a tasty start. So, if you’re craving not just hummus but also a side of harmony, click here to read more about Kobi’s flavorful peace initiative!


Israeli Restaurant Gives 50% Discount to Jews and Arabs Who Share a Table