Once upon a time in Shoreditch, London, a jobless Adam Pacitti gambled his last £500 on a billboard begging for employment. Lo and behold, the internet exploded! His plea went viral, summoning a flood of job offers and landing him a dream job as a viral video producer.

Grateful beyond measure, Adam used his first paycheck to thank the world – by buying another billboard! But here’s the twist: his new gig isn’t just about making viral content. He’s set to help others in his former shoes, turning his job hunt adventure into a mission to assist fellow job seekers.

Now, Adam Pacitti isn’t just another employee; he’s the maestro of the unconventional job search, turning billboards into stepping stones and inspiring others along the way. From desperate plea to viral sensation to now helping others find their career paths – that’s the Adam Pacitti story in a nutshell!


Unemployed graduate who spent last £500 on billboard begging for a job spends first pay packet on another to say thank you