In a twist that sounds straight out of a comedy, a Melbourne tenant took to Reddit, claiming their landlord installed a dollar-operated flush system. The saga of paying to use the loo sparked a viral frenzy, but skepticism grew when doubts surfaced about the authenticity of the story.

While the tenant’s plea for help and tips on bypassing the system garnered attention, Reddit sleuths questioned the legitimacy of the coin-operated contraption. Inconsistencies in the story and the tenant’s sudden disappearance post-virality add layers of mystery to this quirky bathroom tale.

As doubts linger and attempts to reach the tenant remain unanswered, this bizarre toilet tale teeters between an ingenious prank and a peculiar plumbing predicament, leaving us all wondering—was it a ploy or a plumbing blunder?


Pay as You Flush – Landlord Allegedly Installs Coin-Operated Toilet in Rented Apartment