Picture this: a 57-year-old Italian conman masquerading as royalty, fooling the elite with a bogus title—”His Imperial and Royal Highness Stefan Cernetic.” This guy had everyone in stitches, cruising Europe in a fake-flagged Mercedes and bunking in luxe hotels, all on the house. He even bamboozled celebs and real royals like Pamela Anderson and Princess Irena of Greece and Denmark.

But here’s the punchline: his royal house of cards came crashing down when a fancy hotel tried to bill the embassy of Macedonia, only to find out they had no connection to this self-proclaimed prince. Cue the Italian police swooping in and discovering a treasure trove of fake titles, royal insignia, and a faux ambassador sidekick.

What’s the kicker? A simple Google search could’ve spared everyone the drama. Blog posts from way back had already labeled him a “liar and a fake.” Lesson learned: Google—your one-stop shop for debunking royal imposters!

So, folks, when a self-proclaimed prince offers you a title for a “small contribution,” remember: it’s probably as legit as a unicorn sighting. In a world of make-believe, sometimes the crown doesn’t fit—no matter how convincing the act!




Italian Man Lives Life of Luxury, Brushes Shoulders with Celebrities for Years by Posing as “Prince of Montenegro”